Texting and Driving Commercial (on YouTube)

Not many years ago, accidents and their resulting deaths and injuries prompted action to reduce the incidence of drunk driving in this country. The electronic revolution and some of the gadgets spawned by it has brought about a new threat to traffic safety, which has come to be known as texting and driving. This article is committed is publicizing this issue to address this topic and assist in reducing the risk.

The term texting and driving refers to the sending, receiving, composing or reading of messages on a mobile device. This habit involves those of all ages, but is of particular concern when practiced by younger motorists; they are beset with many other distractions when driving while they do not have a lot of experience behind the wheel.

As with driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the dangers of texting and driving can be summed up in some somber statistics. In one recent year, distracted driving was a factor in nearly 20 percent of the traffic accidents in the U.S. These crashes claimed approximately 3,000 lives and more than 400,000 injuries. Although the exact relationship between accidents and the use of mobile communications equipment is uncertain, about 10{a79963b6bc9143e0e6db79dcdfd423ae2a9906f2ab4c5990662b1e96f13d5b0b} of the American drivers aged 18 to 20 admitted in survey conducted by New York University in 2012 to texting while driving. In another study from the same institution, nearly half of the young Americans who were questioned claimed they have ridden in a vehicle that was being driven by a person who at some point used a mobile phone.

The problem of texting is that it essentially reduces a driver’s reaction time, the period from when something occurs and when the driver can respond to the event. Drivers who are texting take their eyes off the road, at least one of their hands off the steering wheels resulting in taking their attention from other important duties associated with driving.

Attaining a driving license is a great responsibility that has many rewards, and driving lessons in Queens can help someone reach that goal. One of the responsibilities of driving is having a commitment to safety, and the avoidance of texting and driving can help in reaching that goal.

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