Services & Fees
& School Policies



Lessons only

Packages must be paid in full before first lesson
  • Package of Only 5 Lessons… $200
  • Package of Only 10 Lessons… $390
  • Package of Only 15 Lessons… $570
  • Package of Only 20 Lessons…$740
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Lessons and Road Test Package (License Acquiring)

1) Road Lessons 2) Car for road test and 3) One 5hr mandatory pre-­‐licensing course Package must be paid in full before first lesson
  • Package of 1 Road Lesson, Pre-Licensing Course & Road Test Service…$166
  • Package of 2 Road Lessons, Pre-Licensing Course & Road Test Service…$206
  • Package of 5 Road Lessons, Pre-Licensing Course & Road Test Service…$325
  • Package of 10 Road Lessons, Pre-Licensing Course & Road Test Service…$515
  • Package of 15 Road Lessons, Pre-Licensing Course & Road Test Service…$695
  • Package of 20 Road Lessons, Pre-Licensing Course & Road Test Service…$865
  • Package of 25 Road Lessons, Pre-licensing Course & Road Test Service…$1025
  • Package of 30 lessons, Pre-licensing Course &Road Test Service…$1175


Other Services

Call or check our schedule online
  • Mandatory 5 Hour Pre-licensing Course…$55
  • Road Test Service (Car & Appointment for Road Test)…$90
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  • Call or check our schedule online

Mercedes Driving School Policies & Regulations

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy on all driving lessons. You must notify the office at least a day in advance or you will lose your lesson.
Package must be paid in full before first lesson.

To better serve you, the office requests that you call at least a few days in advance to book a driving lesson since the schedule is available on a first come, first served basis. You can call 718.281.0262 to book a lesson.

Mercedes Driving School reserves the right to cancel a lesson due to circumstances beyond the Driving School’s control. In that rare event the lesson will be rescheduled according to your convenience and our availability.
Driving Lessons are 45 minutes long. Payment is required before booking lessons (unless otherwise arranged).
Please  promptly arrive at the office 1 to 2 hours prior to your actual road test time.

All services must be paid in advance before booking.
In order to use our school’s car for the road test, the student is required to take at least one lesson prior to the test with our Driving School.
All Road Lessons are Free Pick up and Drop off, if address is in our service area. If the address is outside the service area, the lessons must be doubled (90 minutes), or the student can be picked up at the office.
Road test appointments are scheduled according to DMV availability. Please be patient especially in the summer months. If an expedient road test is necessary, please contact the office so that we can discuss options that are available to better accommodate you.
On the day of the road test, the student must bring their ORIGINAL Pre-licensing course or Driver’s Education certificate, NYS Photo Permit and, if under the age of 18 (even with Driver’s Ed), a signed print out of the 50 Hours of Driving Completion Certification. In addition he/she needs to fulfill all restriction requirements on the permits. (“B” corrective lenses, “F” hearing aid, prosthetic device, etc. If you do not have these documents the DMV INSPECTOR will NOT permit you to take your road test.
The Pre-Licensing course is a mandatory course  without which you may not take a road test or book a road test appointment.
If you are not using the school’s Road Test Service, then you are responsible for booking your own road test. Instructions on how to book your own road test are on the back of your pre-licensing course certificate.
If a student fails a road test, there is a charge for all future services.
NYS LAW states that if under 18 years old you may not drive in the 5 boroughs of NYC in a car without an instructor’s brake under any circumstances. However, in Long Island you are permitted to drive with a driver who has been licensed for 2 years and, is at least 21 years old in any car. In any case, you may only practice driving between the hours of 5am and 9pm only.
Learner Permits & Driver’s Licenses must be carried on-person at all times during the course of the lesson, or the lesson will not be given.
The 5 hour Pre-licensing Course & the 6 hour Point and Insurance Reduction Course are two different things. The DMV keeps the Pre-licensing certificate after you pass your road test. You can take an Insurance Reduction Course after you obtain your license.