Learn how to drive right! Learn how to drive Safe! Because Safe is the New Cool.

Mobility is undoubtedly among the most essential milestones to adulthood. Every teenager knows that driving school is the first step towards maturity. Driving provides additional opportunities for job flexibility and success. As teenagers develop into young adults they begin to explore new opportunities. These explorations require time to travel through the busy city streets. At authorized driving schools students learn to safely navigate themselves to school and work while they receive personalized instruction from professional driving instructors; instructors who are dedicated to the well-being of the students.

Safe driving should be the main objective of the driving schools. Every year hundreds of car accidents are caused by young adults. Driving schools should pay special attention to teaching students the dangers of driving, and how to drive with maturity. The ability to drive provides young adults a sense of independence. However, driving is a privilege that is not taken lightly.

The course provides in-class preparation for the written exam. Together students and instructors discuss driving laws, and study rigorously for the permit exam. The course imparts one-on-one driving instruction with certified driving instructors. The well-being and safety of each driving student is of the utmost importance to the Mercedes Driving School instructors. Each instructor offers detailed instruction and service to every student.

We guarantee the successful learning of navigation and travel in accordance to New York State driving codes. With the help of dedicated professionals each student will reach adulthood with a greater sense of responsibility and maturity.