The passenger-car road test usually takes about 15 minutes. It will test your ability to make basic maneuvers needed in everyday driving. You will have to make left and right turns, stop at an intersection controlled by stop signs and traffic lights, and to parallel park. You also will be asked to turn your vehicle around in a narrow street (three-point turn) and to drive in fairly heavy traffic. The motorcycle test is slightly different from the passenger car test. For example, instead of parallel parking, you will be required to make figure-eights in a small area such as a narrow street and to make left and right circles. Follow the examiner’s instructions. The license examiner will be looking for you to demonstrate basic driving skills and your knowledge of traffic laws. He or she is not there to trick you into making mistakes or committing traffic violations. During your test, the examiner will point out mistakes you make and will give you information that will help you correct them. Relax, and listen to what the examiner tells you. He or she may have you repeat a maneuver to see if you can correct a mistake you made earlier.