Driving in Bayside at 7:32 a.m.

The community of Bayside is flourishing with activity as you begin your daily commute to the Long Island Railroad station. Sounds simple, right? But driving lessons in Bayside have taught you that small town motoring isn’t the aggressive dance of the big city. It also isn’t for the naïve new driver. Thankfully your driving school in Bayside has prepared you for this adventure.

Only minutes along, the challenges begin. You arrive at a four-way stop just as three of your fellow commuters do. In what order do you go, again? Several half starts and stops later and you all cross the intersection without mishap, just in time to brake suddenly as a preschooler rushes into the street after a squirrel. This is definitely not a hazard of the expressways!

Very aware of every jogger and stroller on the sidewalk, you proceed in a cautious hurry, still needing to stop for your ritual coffee. But you fall in behind a slow bicyclist. Without dedicated biking lanes, small town riders precariously share your lane. And what’s he doing, waving his hand around…? Oh yeah, you remember, just as he veers to the left with his signal. Good thing you didn’t try to pass.

The coffee shop in sight, you find yourself stopping again. This time the oncoming school bus halts your progress as children cross the road before you to board. It’s a good thing you knew to stop.

You reach the coffee shop with only five minutes to make your purchase and not miss the train. The only parking is a single cramped space, but because of your driving lessons in Bayside, you expertly maneuver parallel parking, even remembering to signal.

The LIRR station comes into sight with seven minutes to spare. You made it through another morning commute unscathed, all because you attended a good driving school in Bayside.