Passenger safety

Children are precious passengers. Precious cargo Children in cars should always be safely buckled-up in child car seats that are correct for each child’s age and size. We recommend that all child car seats are [...]

Driving in Flushing

Driving in Flushing.. turn it into an experience. Driving in Flushing is an absolutely amazing experience. Driving is widely considered as a key trait. It would be thrilling if you take the car out in a rainy day in the [...]

Driving Games

Driving Games - Do they affect real life driving? Some bestow points for hitting as many objects as possible. Others exalt high rates of speed. And still others reward dangerous stunt driving. So the question [...]

Driving Simulator

Driving Simulator | Experiential Early morning fog is lifting as you merge into rush hour traffic, the review of your notes for your upcoming science test running through your head. As you adjust the radio [...]

Driving in Bayside

Driving in Bayside at 7:32 a.m. The community of Bayside is flourishing with activity as you begin your daily commute to the Long Island Railroad station. Sounds simple, right? But driving lessons in Bayside have [...]

Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving Commercial (on YouTube) Not many years ago, accidents and their resulting deaths and injuries prompted action to reduce the incidence of drunk driving in this country. The electronic revolution and some of [...]

Safe is the new Cool

How many times have you heard of people being killed or injured in automobile accidents? Alcohol, speed and talking on the phone are the reasons that lead to accidents; nevertheless the main reason is the [...]


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