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Driving Simulator

Driving Simulator | Experiential Early morning fog is lifting as you merge into rush hour traffic, the review of your notes for your upcoming science test running through your head. As you adjust the radio to your favorite station, your phone buzzes; you have a text from your best friend. Anxious to find out what […]

Driving in Bayside

Driving in Bayside at 7:32 a.m. The community of Bayside is flourishing with activity as you begin your daily commute to the Long Island Railroad station. Sounds simple, right? But driving lessons in Bayside have taught you that small town motoring isn’t the aggressive dance of the big city. It also isn’t for the naïve […]

Texting and Driving

Texting and Driving Commercial (on YouTube) Not many years ago, accidents and their resulting deaths and injuries prompted action to reduce the incidence of drunk driving in this country. The electronic revolution and some of the gadgets spawned by it has brought about a new threat to traffic safety, which has come to be known […]

Children in the car

Kids are at an increased risk of suffering injury when involved in a vehicle accident. Parents and guardians need to understand this and go out of their way to protect them. This is not as simple as making them use the seat belt or securing them in a car seat.They must do more if they […]

Learn how to drive Right

Learn how to drive right! Learn how to drive Safe! Because Safe is the New Cool. Mobility is undoubtedly among the most essential milestones to adulthood. Every teenager knows that driving school is the first step towards maturity. Driving provides additional opportunities for job flexibility and success. As teenagers develop into young adults they begin […]

Safe is the new Cool

How many times have you heard of people being killed or injured in automobile accidents? Alcohol, speed and talking on the phone are the reasons that lead to accidents; nevertheless the main reason is the driving principles of the driver. As a person you take your principles from your family, as a professional in the […]

Do I really need them?

Do I really need them? The truth is, that when you learn how to drive, you’ll find your independence and freedom, and you will not be any more afraid to get behind the wheel. Driving a car though, is a complex task, and to become capable to manage an automobile properly demands guidance from a […]

Driving Test. A typical procedure or a nightmare?

If you think about it, the driving test is nothing more than the final step before an individual can drive a car without the presence of another licensed passenger in the vehicle. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to overcome this road test challenge though, at least not on the first try. As a matter of fact, […]


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