6 Hour Point & Insurance
Reduction Course

How can you become the safest driver?

By completing the Point & Insurance Reduction Course you reduce up to 4 points from your driving record and receive a 10% savings off of the liability and collision parts of your auto insurance premium.

This program is a New York State approved driver safety course. Taking the time to take course will save you money but most importantly will save your life!

The course is centered around the roles and responsibilities of the individual driver, and the use of behavior modification to positively influence attitude and therefore, behavior behind the wheel. Included topics are: emergency and defensive driving methods, collision avoidance, driving in bad weather, road rage, and the dangers of driving while impaired by fatigue or drowsiness or any type of drug, including alcohol.

Mercedes Driving School & It’s affiliates currently offer the 4 Point & 10% Insurance Reduction Program, also known as The Defensive Driving Course throughout the year. Please call 718.281.0262 for available dates & times.